Friday, February 5, 2010

12 shooting techniques

there are 12 different shooting techniques discussed in class that a photographer can use to take creative, expressive photos. they are grouped here by the type of technique.

shutter techniques:
*fast shutter - freezes the moment, typically 250th or higher
*extended shutter - records an intentional blur of something in motion, 8th or lower up to several seconds
*panning - combines a mid-range shutter with the movement of the camera to create a shot with the center of interest still but the background streaking by

aperture techniques:
*high depth of field - everything in the shot is in focus, from the foreground to the background, f11 or smaller
*selective focus (shallow depth of field) - only the center of interest is in focus with the background or foreground blurred out

photographer positioning:
*high angle - above the subject looking down
*low angle - below the subject looking up
*close-up - closer to the subject than it is typically seen

LAYERS of information:
*texture - showing the various interesting textures in the shot, either with the center of interest or the background
*pattern - a repetition of objects in the shot, can be uniform or non-uniform
*refection - anything that will record a reflection adds something more to look at in the picture
*SHADOW - looking for strong shadow is the key to getting good contrast with black and white photography. the presence of shadow usually indicates the presence of highlights. when there are highlights and shadows there will be the range of values in between.

good photographs will usually empl0y more than one shooting technique in addition to following the guidelines for composition.

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