Tuesday, January 19, 2010

taking/developing pinhole camera prints

load your paper into your camera in the darkroom. make sure the emulsion (shiny) side is facing the pinhole. the emulsion is a chemical coating that is light reactive.

shoot a picture. place your camera on the ground or stationary object, hold it steady, and open the shutter. start with a 2 min. exposure for an indoor shot or 30 sec. for outside (if it's daylight).

develop the print. *remember work from right to left in the 55 darkroom!
developer: causes the image to appear. 45 sec.-1 min., agitate continuously
stop bath: stops the developing process. 10 sec.
fixer: fixes the image in place. 2 min., agitate occasionally
water wash: 4 min.

evaluate the print after developing. if it is too light, you need to increase exposure time. if it is too dark, decrease exposure time.

*once you figure out the correct exposure time, try to take a picture from an interesting angle, of an interesting object, or with creative composition. happy shooting!

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